Today was the last time I saw your beautiful face.

The last time I heard you barking.

The last time I held you in my arms.

The last time I hugged you and you liked my hand.

The last time I will ever see you.

The last time my days are filled with happiness.

Now all I feel is heart ache and I miss you so much it hurts to think abiut you and not think about you.

I wish you were here.

I wish I could see you again.

I love you…

I am sorry…

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry I could not do better.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you everything you deserved.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry for making you go through so much pain.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry I am not rich enough to pay for treatment.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry and hope you can forgive because I love you so much.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry that you are suffering and I wish I could take you suffering away.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry for being so selfish and not wanting to give you up.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry for loving you so much that I am hold you back from leaving me.

I am a horrible person…

I love you so much and I am sorry that love cant heal you.

I am a horrible person…

I’m sorry for being a horrible person and I hope you know that the thought of you leaving is breaking my heart into pieces.

I am a horrible person who loves you so much it hurts and I promise not to make the same mistake twice and get attached to anything ever again…..

I’m sorry Oreo and I love you…



So finally I am done with the third book in this series….

All I feel is sadness right now because it’s over until further notice I guess. But wow how I love these books. In this third book we get to finally see what goes down with the cauldron and whats to come with hybern. While reading this book I had so man emotions just flow out of me and when I least expected it I would cry like crazy. I love all the characters in this book and I was torn at some parts of the book when I read it. One moment I was happy the next I was so angry that I had to stop reading for a few minutes LOL. But overall this story was so great and I am so glad I decided to pick it up and read it.


Goodbye for now Phrythian.

Hopefully I will see you soon ❤


P.S. Suriel you will be missed </3


Hey guys it has been a while but I am back yay!

So this past weekend as been fun and hard for me.

I was super excited for Bookcon! But I was also sad because my dog has been very sick and I am not sure whats wrong with her. Thus I took her to the vet Saturday morning to get an ultrasound and this led me to being late for book con. So once I got to book con I was running around and trying to get to certain places but it was too late for most of the panels I wanted to go to. Not only that but I then later realized that the arc that I wanted so much was not even being handed out on Saturday but actually Sunday.

To make things worse I couldn’t meet Sarah J. Maas either because she too was going to be there on Sunday. Okay Okay the day was bad but I figured it will get better and it did. I had lots of fun just walking and observing everything and I still had a chance to meet Tashapolis so I just started to hover around the area were she was going to be at.  She finally ended up coming and I was so excited to meet her btw she looked so pretty! I got online and I was the 4th one or maybe 5th but anyway I met her! She is so nice and sweet and I am glad I got to meet her.

I also ended up buying J.D Netto’s book series The whispers of the fallen which I had not planned on getting but I am really glad I did. I will be planning on reading the series once I am done with ACOWAR. From what I read his books are sooo up my alley lol and I am glad I was introduced to books that sound interesting. Not only that but he is a sweat heart !

So that was book con lol and my weekend now on to reading!

Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon [ My thoughts ]

So I just finished reading this book it was a very quick read since I was so into it and could not put the book down. All I have to say is that it was a nice change of pace and i really enjoyed it!


This book is about a girl Maddy who can’t leave her house because she has a rare sickness. She one day becomes interested in the boy who just moved in next door. This prompts her and him to become close by sending emails and he eventually comes over without her other knowing. You guys can eventually guess what happened next?

Overall this book was so good I was excited and worried with every page I read. But at the end it ended on a great note and it was truly a great book. I cant wait to see the movie adaptation!


Here I am again with another book review.

  I can’t believe what I just read in the book, A Court Of Mist and Fury By Sarah J. Maas.


First, let me start by saying that Sarah J. Maas is an amazing author and I love her series so far. I am super excited to read the final book of this series, A Court of Wings and Ruin, and to finally meet her at the Teen Book Festival in May.

This book follows the story of Feyre and her journey after being turned into a fei. Everything seems fine, until she starts feeling trapped inside of Tamlin’s home. The day of her wedding, she pleads to herself for someone to save her. Right in that moment, Rhysand shows up, claiming that she needs to go with him because of a deal they made.

In this book, Feyre ends up not wanting to go back to Tamlin, and decides to stay with Rhysand and his family. During her time there, she develops feelings for Rhysand, and feels guilty for it. Funnily enough, he was always aware of the fact that she is his mate. Also, let me not forget to tell you guys, that they are preparing for a war that’s going to happen. At the end, when they think they’re going to stop the war, a turn of events happen and Feyre ends up having to go back with Tamlin. To top it all off, her sisters are now turned fei and everything seems to be crumbling right in front of her eyes.

Let me just say that when I was reading this book I had goosebumps every page I read. I am so glad to have found this series and I am extremely excited for the next book. My favorite characters have to be Rhysand and Nesta for their dark and ambiguous nature.


If you want to read a book with suspense and fantasy and a great page turner I really recommend this book !

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Review![Some Spoilers]

Just finished watching this drama not even a minute ago and I have to say it was super cute and great ! I loved the plot of the story and all the characters and how everyone was in this drama. It’s about a girl named kim bok joo and she is a weightlifter in a sports university.


She ends up having a crush on a doctor who ends up being the brother of her child hood friend and university colleague  Joon Hyung. After getting her heart crushed because the doctor doesn’t like her , her friend joon hyung falls for her and confesses his love to her.


This drama shows how at the end of it all even if u suffer with hard work you will achieve your goal and be happy. I really enjoyed this show and would definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good cute and fun drama. I would definitely give this drama a 5 out of 5 crying heart faces!


Goblin Drama Review![May Have Spoilers]

Okay! Just finished watching the korean drama Goblin and I just have to let everyone know that this has to be one of the best dramas i have seen to this day! It is my opinion but what can i say i just cant help but try to convince everyone i know to watch this show.

So the drama is about A man named kim shin. He is a goblin and he became that way because of things that happened to him in the past. So he is now cursed as the goblin and the only way he can die is if he gets the sword that is in him removed by the goblins bride.


The goblins bride ends up being eun tak which is a girl who was saved by him when she was not even born yet. She was supposed to die with her mother but he saved them so now she can see ghost and she is the only one who can see the sword.


Through out the drama they fall in love and he then does not want to die. There is also many other things that happen but I don’t want to spoil too much for you guys.

Guys! I really want every one of you to watch this drama it’s filled with so much emotion I cant help but keep talking about it. The ending to me was awesome and a lot of people did not like it but i think it was a good way to end this show and i am so sad that it ended. I had invested so much time to this show and i am glad i did ! So out of 5 crying heart faces i give this drama a 5!!! Thanks to everyone involved with the drama the cast and the crew the writer thank you all for this awesome show!